Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 6 - Angeles National Forest & Marie Callender's

What a beautiful day.  I think the kids are going to turn into little mermaids from all this swimming!

Jason got off work early today so we took a drive to the Angeles National Forest.

Of course, the dolls came with us!

The drive was the most beautiful drive through mountains I've ever seen!  Breathtaking views, windy roads, huge pines, campgrounds, ski slopes, a lake, and more.  Amazing!

Jackson Lake/Angeles National Forest:

Large Trees:

We even saw fresh paw prints from mountain lions!  They were almost as big as my fist and there were many of them.  This one has a baby frong nested in it on the left of the print...

Ski Slopes...
From this view, we were well over 6000 feet elevation.

Dinner at Marie Callender's was delicious.

The kids' meals came with an oreo sundae, so the girls planned well and saved room for their dessert.  I still got a few bites and it was yummy!

We even had a mountain-view table!

It was another enjoyable day in Southern California!